It was Halloween 2019, and the kids were running around the neighborhood trick or treating for hours.   As I looked around all the parents were tired, thirsty, aching and needing a place to sit down.   It was at that time, a light bulb turned on and a vision was created.   How about we make a motorized cooler?   Ok, so we’re not gonna take credit for being the first one to come up with the idea.   However, after 20 + years of successful business, average just doesn’t cut it for us.  We needed a high quality, high power, silent operated, off road capable machine while being as compact as possible.   The cooler must remain unmodified (no battery storage) and the entire chariot must easily fit through a 32” wide interior door making it accessible to just about anywhere. No pollution, no noise, no limitations, just pure FUN! What we have created is much more then just a novelty mobile beverage dispenser.  

The line up of whiskey chariot models can be as mild or wild as you want!   Custom tailored to your lifestyle.    People often ask just exactly what is that thing.   Well there is no easy answer.  It’s part Mobility Scooter / ATV / UTV / Go Kart / Mobile Beverage Dispenser.   It’s like the Swiss Army knife of transportation.   It does everything!!  One things for certain they are a ton of fun but must be taken seriously.   The Whiskey Chariot is not a toy, and proper judgement, local laws and safety must be exercised at all times.    Please drive responsibly and have fun!

-Mike Lee

Owner Whiskey Chariot/Race Proven Motors