How fast can a WHISKEY CHARIOT go?

Whiskey Chariots are geared for maximum torque and acceleration.  Top speeds will vary due to rider weight, tire size and surface conditions.  The smaller diameter the tire, the faster the acceleration and slower top speed.   As a general rule of them you can expect the following range of speeds.

  • Small 1500w: 16-20mph
  • Small 3000w: 18-23 mph
  • Med 3000w: 18-23 mph
  • Large 3000w: 18-23 mph
How heavy is the WHISKEY CHARIOT?
  • Small: 90 lbs + cooler (approx. +23 lbs)
  • Medium: 115 lbs + cooler (approx. +35lbs)
  • Large: 120 lbs + cooler (approx. +43 lbs)
What are the dimensions of the WHISKEY CHARIOT?
  • Small: 51” Long x 35” Tall x 26” Wide
  • Medium: 55” Long x 35” Tall x 31” Wide
  • Large: 58”Long x 35” Tall x 31” Wide
How far can a WHISKEY CHARIOT go?

As with all ride on electric bikes, etc range can vary significantly due to payload, throttle usage, and terrain.  However as a ballpark estimate you should expect 2-4hrs runtime and 5-15 miles for all models (48/63v).

What colors does the WHISKEY CHARIOT come in?

The Whiskey Chariot comes standard with a powder coated semi-gloss black textured frame and suspension for maximum protection and durability.  Cooler colors as well as our Gator Step matts kits, can be used to create unique combinations. For those who want a truly unique ride, we offer custom color options for an additional fee.

What type of motor does WHISKEY CHARIOT use?

Custom Spec BMC Brushless HUB motor.

What upgrades are there for the WHISKEY CHARIOT?

As with all our products, we sell only what we believe to be the best and what we would use personally.  You will find each model comes standard with quality components across the board.  We offer 3 different size frames with either a 1500 watt / 48v motor package or 3000 watt 63v motor package to meet various needs and budgets.  Custom builds with larger batteries, motors and controllers can be made available by special request.

Can I ride with a passenger on the WHISKEY CHARIOT?

Riding tandem is not recommended however use your best discretion and common sense.

Battery Do's and Don'ts?

Do not leave exposed in direct sunlight for long periods of time.  Always store 50% charged.  Our custom 40 amp battery management system and supplied charger ensure the best lifespan possible.


Where do you ship?

All retail and individual sales are shipping to the lower 48 states via ground truck service only. We are working on forming a distributor network to cover HI, PR, AK and International sales

Does the WHISKEY CHARIOT come fully assembled

5-10 minute assembly is required.  i.e. Install wheels, connect battery, adjust handlebars.

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes, we offer free local pickup.  Select “Local Pickup” upon checkout. 


How long will it take to build/ship my order?

Due to overwhelming demand and supply chain issues related to Covid-19, you can expect your chariot to ship within 2-6 weeks.  Unfortunately these delays are out of our control and will vary based on component availability.  We are doing our best to shorten lead times as much as possible and by 2021 we hope to have most standard models in stock for immediate shipping.

What is your return/cancellation policy?

All sales are final. We do not accept returns.  Prior to shipping any standard order cancellation will be refunded in full, and given to the next person in line.   All custom orders are non-refundable.  If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase we will do our best to make sure you are happy.  Customer Service and Safety are our top priorities.

Can I make changes to my order after it is placed?

In order to prevent additional manufacturing delays we advise you to ask all questions before purchasing. Accessories like lights, wheels/tires, etc can easily be added.  Major changes like frame and/or motor sizes are not.

Is there a warranty on the WHISKEY CHARIOT?

We provide a 90 day warranty including all electronic components (motor, throttle, controller, and battery).  Damage as a result of crashing, jumping, or off-roading is not covered under warranty.  You may purchase individual components for repairs (shocks, brakes, spindles, A-arms, handlebars, etc).


What are your payment methods?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal.  Sorry, no AMEX.

Do you accept Paypal?

Yes, we accept Paypal.  Our current account is sales@raceprovenmotors.com and we have been a trusted vendor for over 20 years.

Do you offer a payment plan or financing?

Nah.. This is a luxury toy.  If you cant afford it, save your money.

Do you accept cash or checks at your Vista location?

Yes. Any non-stocking purchases must have a 50% cash deposit.